About Us

About Us

The Ceremony

As in the Motherland
So it is here
Cooking is ritual
Eating is ceremonial.

Wrap the carbs in a fist
The meal is a feast
Fingers delicately dip
Into broth bowls deep
Senses take a leap.

Every meal here is a celebration
Your presence here is the completion.

Come Dine With Us!

Our Story

Afrique Restaurant’s founder, Olakunle Ayodeji – whose nickname is “Flash” – operated a restaurant in his earlier life, and for 20 years he nursed the idea of building a restaurant serving authentic African cuisine.

Finding the right location held back his dreams, but he kept on searching and accidentally stumbled onto Afrique’s location, once a Mexican restaurant but closed for 10 years.

It was the perfect venue to launch his dreams.

Flash figured it was time to stage a comeback, bringing the warmth, hospitality, entertainment and authentic cooking of his motherland, Africa, for all here in America to experience for themselves.

Thus was born the Afrique Restaurant and Entertainment.

Managed by

Elizabeth Falase: Restaurant Manager/ Chief Cook

Tunde Falase: Floor Manager/ Serve Supervisor.

Kunle Flash: Operations/ Resident DJ.

Visiting Cooks

Rotated by invitation, from time to time, from different countries in Africa.

Ingredients used in our dishes

Most vegetables like spinach, collard green, okra, jute leaf (ewedu) come from the San Joaquin valley.

The cow beef and goat meat come from a nearby ranch.

Spices like ground crayfish, melon seed (egusi), dried pepper, dried fish come from a licensed food distributor serving the Bay Area.

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